• Bad actors spread disinformation
  • Echo chambers reinforce entrenched opinions and dissent is lost admists the noise
  • Hostile communication encouters no friction and discourse turns toxic.
  • Our social networks can be censored by corporations and authoritarians.


  • The attention economy, where a user's worth is measured in time exposed to ads.
  • Platforms use psychological exploits to form habits in users and maximize time-on-site.
  • Centralized networks compile valuable private data and rigidly control the user experience to ensure that they capture attention.


  • A decentralized social network on the Ethereum blockchain where private data isn't collected and sold
  • Intention economy, where users particiapte deliverately.
  • Tipping and bounty systems that reward good faith users.
  • Smart contracts that introduce economic friction to inhibit bad actors.
  • Better tools for users seeking trust.