A decentralized Social Network

The right tools for better discourse.




A native Web 3 public social network, built on the ink protocol, that gives users tools for better discussions and respects their attention.



A protocol for decentralized social networks that links content together to form explicit graphs of communication (original posts, references, and responses) with a simple economic incentive to discourage adding low quality content, raising signal:noise.




  • Bad actors spread disinformation
  • Echo chambers reinforce entrenched opinions and dissent is lost amidst the noise
  • Hostile communication encounters no friction and discourse turns toxic
  • Our social networks can be censored by corporations and authoritarians


  • The attention economy, where a user's worth is measured in time exposed to ads
  • Platforms use psychological exploits to form habits in users and maximize time-on-site
  • Centralized networks compile valuable private data and rigidly control the user experience to ensure that they capture attention


  • A decentralized social network on the Ethereum blockchain where private data isn't collected and sold
  • Intention economy, where users participate deliberately
  • Tipping and bounty systems that reward good faith users
  • Smart contracts that introduce economic friction to inhibit bad actors
  • Better tools for users seeking trust



Tools for Discourse

Unburdened by the design constraints of the attention economy, we can provide users the best tools for real discussions, for finding facts, and for developing new ideas.


Rich text posts allow the user to create the content they way they want it to be seen.

Inline comments help focus discussion, and allow specific claims to be checked.

Index preserves revision history and allows you to see how this post is referenced by others.


Strong referencing of posts allows users to track the conversation to its origin. Backed by the blockchain, these references can never be lost; the link cannot be destroyed.

Discrete reactions allow you to quickly share your opinion in a way that is easily understood by all. Users, recommendation algorithms, and analysis AIs use reactions (and the reputations of the reactors) to evaluate posts.


Bounties provide a way to get information from users who may be too busy to answer everyone's questions (or simply don't always want to do that work for free). When an important question that needs to be answered is missed, bounties incentivize the recipient to participate and drive the conversation to the area in which it is needed most.


If you would like to know more about Citadel and ink you can read the whitepaper on Medium, on Citadel.ink (requires Metamask on Chrome/Firefox or the Brave browser), or you can download the PDF with the button below.


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